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Welcome to! transforms your video conferencing with its leading virtual camera technology. It's designed for anyone participating in virtual meetings, leading webinars, or speaking at online events. ensures you are not just seen but remembered, offering options to personalize and brand your stream with custom backgrounds and logos.

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Starting Up - Create a account then download and install the app.
Replace your Background - Switch out your surroundings for a professional or fun backdrop.
Add your Logos - Personalize or enhance your brand presence by adding logos to your video feed.
Use with your apps - Integrate with your preferred video conferencing or streaming apps.

Starting Up

Creating an account with is quick and easy, giving you access to its powerful features in no time.

Go here and sign up with your social accounts, such as Google, Microsoft, or Apple.
If detects available workspace(s) associated with your email's domain name, you'll have the option to join an existing workspace or create a new one.

Once your account and workspace are set up, you'll be directed to the download page to proceed with the installation.

Removing or Replacing Your Background

Remove or replace your camera's background in real-time, without the need for a green screen.

Replace Your Background

To replace your background, select from any other background to the right or click the Add Background button and choose from a variety of options, such as images, or videos.

Click the Add Background button to show available background replacement options in

Click here to learn more about the different background replacement options available to you.

Blur Your Background

To create a subtle effect and maintain focus on the subject, blur your background by adjusting the Blur slider in the main window. Move the slider to the right to increase the blur level of your camera's background.

Use the Blur Slider to adjust background blur in

Remove Your Background

To remove your background, click the Remove button in the main window.

Use the Remove Background feature to remove your background entirely in supported apps

Unless supported by the app you're using with, Remove Background will change your background to black instead.

Adding Logos

Personalize your video stream by adding custom logos to your output.

Select the Logo tab then click on Add New Logo.

Find the logo file from your computer then click Open.

The logo should now be added to your Camera Preview

Click here to learn more about adding, editing, and deleting your added logos in

Using with your Apps

It's as easy to use with video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom:

Keep running in the background while you open your desired video conferencing app.

Navigate to the app's camera menu or camera settings.

Select Camera as your camera.

Changing the Camera to in Google Meet

It's also fully compatible with streaming apps like XSplit Broadcaster and OBS Studio.'s flexibility allows for easy background customization and branding, making it a go-to solution for any application that supports webcam input, from professional meetings to personal live streams.

We have several guides on how you can use as a virtual camera for many different applications. Visit our Getting Started section for more information.

With ready to go, you're all set to take your video meetings and broadcasts to a new level.

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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