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Backgrounds’s key feature is removing, replacing, or blurring the background from your webcam feed without the need for a green screen.

Original Background

Original Background is the default selection and simply shows your webcam feed as-is. showing the camera's original background

Remove Background

Click the Remove box to instantly remove your background. This feature completely removes your background similar to having a chroma-keyed green screen. showing the remove background filter in effect

Generally, video conference apps like Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams do not support the “Remove background” function and will just replace your background with a black screen.
For the full alpha transparency effect, the application you're using VCam with will need to support the ARGB32 colorspace. (For example, streaming apps like XSplit Broadcaster and OBS Studio.)

Add Background

Add Background replaces your background with an Image file, Youtube Video URL, Webpage, or Unsplash Photo. Click on any of the available images to instantly replace your background.

Showing Add Background Button Menu Options

Adding your own image background

There are several ways to add your own background replacement. Click on Add Background and select either Image, Video, or Unsplash photo.

Media File

Select a supported image, animated GIF, or video file from your computer as a background replacement. This option will automatically scale to your camera’s aspect ratio so it’s recommended to use an image with a size that matches it.

Unsplash Photo

Use high-quality stock photos from as a background. You can type in specific keywords under the search bar at the bottom-right corner.

Blur Effect with background blurred

Drag the slider to add a blur effect to your background. This effect is only available for Original and Replace background options.

Deleting a background image

To delete an image background replacement, hover your mouse over a background, right-click, then select Delete.

Selecting a background image for deletion in

Updated on: 30/04/2024

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