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Using VCam with Google Meet

Google Meet, a leading platform for online meetings, simplifies connecting with others from anywhere. Integrating VCam with Google Meet gives you the ability to change your background, making every video call more personalized and visually interesting.

You'll be able to switch to VCam as your camera on Google Meet both before and during a meeting:

Selecting VCam as your camera when joining a Google Meet meeting

Before you join a Google Meet meeting, you'll be able to prepare and setup your camera and microphone:

Click the camera list drop-down then select Camera.

You'll be able to switch to before joining a Google Meet call

Selecting VCam as your camera during a Google Meet meeting

When you're already in a Google Meet meeting, you can also switch your camera to through the Settings window:

Click on ... More options at the bottom, then select Settings.

On the Settings window, go to Video then select Camera from the Camera drop-down.

The Settings window can also be accessed when you're on the Google Meet homepage.

Next Steps
Remove or replace your background in Google Meet with VCam

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Updated on: 28/02/2024

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