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You can add your favorite logo or image on top of your camera using’s Logo tool.

Select the Logo Tab to access the this feature.

The Logo Tab highlighted in the app

Adding a New Logo
Editing your Added Logo
Deleting a Logo

Select the Logo tab then click on Add New Logo.

Find the logo file from your computer then click Open.

The logo should now be added to your Camera Preview

You can customize your logo’s layout and color properties by clicking the edit icon at the upper-right corner of your logo’s thumbnail

The edit logo icon at the upper-right portion of the watermark thumbnail

Layout Properties

Customize the position and general layout of your added logo's Edit Logo layout properties

Anchor Point
Adjusts the position where your logo is anchored

Adjusts the size of your logo

Move X-axis
Moves the logo horizontally relative to your anchor mark

Move Y-axis
Moves the logo horizontally relative to your anchor mark

Flips your logo horizontally or vertically

Color Properties

Scrolling down allows you to see the various color properties you can edit for your logo.'s Edit Logo - Color Properties

This Adjusts the logo’s Transparency, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, and Saturation

To delete an logo, hover your mouse over a logo, right-click, then select Delete.

Selecting a logo for deletion in

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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