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Generating an MSINFO32 File

During troubleshooting, our Support Team frequently requests the MSINFO32 file to better understand your system. Here's how to generate and share it.

The MSINFO32 file offers a comprehensive view of your computer's hardware and software specifications. We use this data exclusively to identify and address the problem you're experiencing. Rest assured, once we've resolved your issue, this information will be promptly deleted.

Generating the MSINFO32 .NFO file

Go to the Start Menu. then type System Information.

The System Information app will be highlighted under Best Match search results. Click on it or press Enter to open.

Alternative Method: Use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R to bring up the Run dialog. Type msinfo32 then click OK.
On the Run prompt, type msinfo32 then click OK.

On the System Information window, go to File and click Save.
Select File > Save.

Select a folder destination, provide a filename, and click Save.
Setting the filename for the MSINFO file and ensuring it's saved as a .NFO format.
Choose a memorable folder and filename for easy retrieval. Ensure the chosen format is System Information File (*.NFO).

Navigate back to the Support Chat bubble and click on the Send a file icon adjacent to the text input area.

Locate and select the MSINFO32 file you just saved, then click Open.
Sending the MSINFO32 file to Support

Updated on: 22/08/2023

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