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Auto Framing's Auto Framing feature ensures you're always in focus and at the center, adapting to your movements within the camera's field of view. It's like having your personal cameraman, ensuring you're always in the perfect spot in your video frame.

Stay in the spotlight with's Auto Framing feature!

How to Enable Auto Framing
Auto Framing Settings

Before enabling Auto Framing, please ensure you're correctly positioned within your camera's field of view for the best results.

Enabling Auto Framing

Click the Camera Settings icon at the upper-right of the camera display/

Toggle Auto Framing on.

Auto Framing Settings

Auto Framing Toggle
Turning this on enables to automatically track your movements and adjust the video frame accordingly. When it's off, the video frame remains static.

This setting controls the level of zoom applied when Auto Framing is activated. A higher value will result in a tighter frame around you, while a lower value will provide a wider view of your surroundings.

This setting determines how quickly the Auto Framing adjusts to your movements. A faster speed will make the frame follow your movements more immediately, while a slower speed will provide smoother, more gradual frame transitions.

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Updated on: 18/09/2023

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