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Workspace Settings

With, you can easily configure your workspace details and manage its discoverability. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of managing workspace settings in

To access your Workspace Settings: Log in to the Dashboard and navigate to the Settings section under Workspace.

General Workspace Settings
Security and Workspace Discovery

General Workspace Settings

Workspace Name: You can change your Workspace Name by editing the current name and clicking Save.

Delete Workspace: If you need to delete your workspace, click the "Delete" button and confirm the action by typing in your Workspace name in the following prompt.

Deleting your Workspace is permanent and irreversible. All of your Members and data will be removed from, and any active subscriptions canceled.

You will need to transfer your Workspace to another Member before deleting your account.

Security and Workspace Discovery

Workspace Discovery allows users with the same domain as your account to find and join your workspace.

In the **Workspace Settings** section, click on the Security tab to access discovery settings and access controls.

Default Roles: Choose which roles are assigned by default for users joining your workspace. Owners and Admins can add team backgrounds and logos as well as remove members.

Access: Choose how members registered with the same domain name discover your workspace.
Instant Access: Users who can discover your workspace may immediately join without admin approval. Your workspace will automatically incur a pro-rated charge if on a paid plan.
Request to Join: Users who can discover your workspace may request to join. An admin will need to approve the request.
Hidden: Your workspace will not be discoverable by anyone.

Newly created Workspaces are set to Hidden by default.

Updated on: 30/08/2023

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