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Team Management

With the Dashboard, you can easily invite and manage team members, assign roles, and customize your team's backgrounds and logos. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of managing your team using the Dashboard.

To access your Team Settings: Log in to the Dashboard and navigate to the Team section under Workspace.

Inviting and Managing Members

Inviting New Members

Click the Invite members button.

Enter their email address and set their member role. Then click Send invite.

If you would like to add multiple members, click the Invite another button, add their email and role before clicking the Send invite button.
You will need to have an Owner or Admin role in your Workspace to be able to invite members.

Managing Members

You can each team member with an Admin or Member role. Members will have restricted access while Admins can add Team Backgrounds and Team Logos as well as invite new members into your Workspace.

To change a member's role, click the ... beside their details then select Edit Role. Select the role you want to assign then click the Update role button.

You can also remove inactive members from your workspace by selecting Remove member instead.

You will need to be the Owner of your Workspace to be able to change roles or delete members.

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Updated on: 30/08/2023

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